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Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES)

was set up by the Fullness Christian Social Enterprises (FCSE) as a non-profit organization in 2011, supported by a group of knowledge volunteers. This organization geathers professionals from different sectors. It combines the experience of continual innovation from business sector, the value of people-oriented from social sector and the action research approach from academic sector, to investigate the environment for social entrepreneurship development. 

Despite working on the Body of Knowledge for social entrepreneurship, FSES also co-organized with HKU-SPACE on the master level Certificate Course "Management for Social Enterprises". This course gives chance for the interested/involved parties to learn about the professional knowledge, e.g. Break Even Time BET. These knowledge are critical for the start up business, but they are rarely covered in the normal business courses. Until 2018, there were over 170 graduates, and over 10 social enterprises were set up from this group. Moreover, FSES also worked with Chinese University of Hong Kong on the Scial Enterpreneurship School Education (SENSE) program, brining social innovation to the youth and enlightening them to be the Young Social Change Maker. 

In 2013, FSES calculated the social return on investment for two social enterprises subsidised by the HKSAR government. It is to be found that for each dollar funded by the government, the social return would be 4 dollars. Furthermore, the annual report of social enterprises done by foerign researchers has proved that Hong Kong is leading the world on the movement of social enterprises.

Hong Kong people always sell themselves short. In 2016 there is still claims saying HK needs to 10 years to become the leading asia city. But in 2015, it is to be found Hong Kong has the most social enterprises out of asia. If we all promote and improve the quality and quantity of social enterprises of Hong Kong. Given that with our highly educated background and our world established reputation for business. HK not only can lead Asia, but could lead the world in the movement of Social Enterprises. Best example would be having the World social enterprise summit being held at HK back in 2016.

FSES hope to work on different levels of social enterpreneuship development.  The first step is training and assisting the start up social enterprises; The next step is to optimize the research on empowerment, sustainanility and procedures about social innovation; Final step is to link up different sectors to promote the concept of social innovation.