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What is Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise Overview

There is no universal definition of social enterprise (SE). In general, an SE is a business to achieve specific social objectives such as providing the services (for example support service for the elderly) or products needed by the community, creating employment and training opportunities for the socially disadvantaged, protecting the environment, funding its other social services through the profits earned, etc. Its profits will be principally reinvested in the business for the social objectives that it pursues. In other words, the primary objective of an SE is to achieve its social objectives, rather than maximizing profits for distribution to its shareholders. 

When the Government introduces measures to provide direct support to individual SEs, the relevant eligibility criteria will be applied. In this regard, the Government may refer to the following definition adopted by some local and overseas SE organisations - “An SE is a business targeted to achieve specific social objectives through entrepreneurial strategies and self-sustaining operations, and not less than 65% of its distributable profits are reinvested in the business for the social objectives that it pursues.”

(From Home Affairs Bureau Website) 

Social Enterprise in Hong Kong

There are over 700 social enterprises in Hong Kong. You can visit 《SE Directory》Online Search Engine or mobile app (iOS: to find out the nearby SEs.

Social Enterprise Verification

You can check out the SEE Mark website for more details.