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Social Enterprise Supporter Award Scheme

"SE Supporter Award Scheme" was organized by Fullness Social Enterprises Society in 2015, with the aim to accelerate the SE x Corporation strategical collaboration.  It helps the corporates to achieve their socail responsibility; allows Corp X SE mutual understanding; and builds a better society by providing a platform for the corporates to support SE to perform their social mission continuously. SE can nominate corporate(s) for the recognition as a "SE Supporter" or "SE Supporter Plus" based on their level of support. The awardee(s) are entitled to use the "SE Supporter" or "SE Supporter Plus" logo in all their organizational promotion materials (i.e. Name card, Advertisement, Website, Social Media or the piblication of Corporate Communications etc.)



2020 SE Supporter Award Scheme


To facilitate the strategic collaborations between social enterprises and corporates in achieving Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Target Group

Any corporates or public organizations


  1. SE Support Award
  2. SE Supporter Plus Award

(Remarks: No upper limit for SE Supporter Award, SE can nominate more than one organization/corporate.)

Selection Criteria

  1. Purchase products/ services from social enterprises;
  2. Promote SE to the staff/ members through their database and channels as appropriate;
  3. Arrange and host SE-theme bazaar internally;
  4. Offer resources to SE (E.g. monetary, materials, venue, training or knowledge volunteers etc.);
  5. Formulate long-term and strategical cooperation plan with SE;
  6. Promote SE by partnering with TECM. Join hands to promote the concept of ethical consumption.

(Meet at least 2 criteria for obtaining SE Supporter Award. TECM committee will choose the SE Supporter Plus Awardee from the pool.)


TECM Participating SE

Nomination Procedures

Nomination Period: To be announced 

Announcement Date: To be announced 

*****To simplify the process, we only accept online nomination form. Nominators must confirm all the details with nominees before submitting the form. Incomplete form will not be considered.*****

Please refer to the SE Supporter Award Scheme