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Codekey Cookies

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SE Concept:

Codekey Cookies, a social enterprise cookie brand in Hong Kong, founded by visually impaired people, aiming to break the social lable and promote social inclusion throught the production of Braille cookies. Our handmade Braille cookies are fun, edible and meaningful. Each cookie is topped with a Braille letter, which unlocks the cookie's message through the reference Braille chart. Customers can personalize their own messages, making the cookie a unique and delicious gift!

SE Story:

Simple Gigantic Mission Breakthrough all stigmas, discover our maximum potentials, explore and respect oneself and others. Fafa became a legally blind person since the age of eight, yet she has not been compromising with negative comments like 'Disabled is not-able'. Instead, she strives to overcome any challenges that she has faced. She is grateful that she has become a psychotherapist and has established this social enterprise. Codekey Cookies is passionate in promoting the awareness and breakthrough of prejudice and unfair judgments, as well as allowing every life to live up to its maximum potential in this society.

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