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*Stamp distribution outlet
SE Concept:

ELCHK Essence Hub, our seniors’ learning centre, is a social enterprise dedicated to enrich the life of the golden-aged (people over 50 or above) and the community by introducing a healthier, quality and meaningful lifestyle. Located in a historical building in the centre of Kowloon, Essence Hub serves to conserve the heritage and wisdom of the community and pass them through generations.

Target Group:


九龍太子道西204號3樓 (近花墟)

日 休息, 一 上午 9:00-下午 6:00, 二 上午 9:00-下午 6:00, 三 上午 9:00-下午 6:00, 四 上午 9:00-下午 6:00, 五 上午 9:00-下午 6:00, 六 上午 10:00-下午 6:00, 假期 休息, 公眾假期休息